Care coordination and patient engagement Navigate your patient's total joint continuum of care to help improve patient satisfaction with fewer resources.

JointCOACH® and our new RecoveryCOACH™ platform are online care coordination and patient engagement portals. Patients are enrolled prior to surgery and receive online (computer, phone or iPad®) alerts and notifications of what they should expect and need to do to navigate their orthopaedic procedure surgery and recovery. The entire care team (nurse, physician, staff and family) have access to make sure the patient stays on course throughout their 90-day episode of care.

  • This coordination of care and clear expectation setting engages patients to help improve quality outcomes and can help reduce costs in the overall episode of care (i.e. patient will contact the Care Coordinator with a question vs. going to the Emergency Room)
  • Care cards (what patients need to do and when, i.e. exercises) have been developed based off of decades of proven Destination Center programs and are deployed to patients at the right time intervals for their preparation and recovery
  • Patient Navigators (and staff) can more easily track and manage patients from afar, making their job easier
Joint Coach Image