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How bundled payments have evolved since 2013

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Performance Solutions recognized by HealthTech Outlook as a Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Solutions Provider in 2018


Our solutions enable physicians and hospitals to provide best class care while consistently focusing on outcomes improvement and success in bundled payment program opportunities

BPCI Advanced program:
What we know, don’t know and how to prepare for it

August 10, 2017

While a final decision should await the release by CMS of the details of the program and an analysis of the actual claims data made available by CMS (more recent than the data currently available), our BPCI Advanced Opportunity Analysis provides directionally correct indications of which episodes of care present the best opportunity.

Published on Becker’s Hospital Review, August, 2017

Clinically integrated networks:
The path forward through a fog of uncertainty

July 26, 2017

Despite the bi-partisan paralysis over insurance coverage, there is bi-partisan support for the transition from the traditional fee-for-service payment system to value based care.Published on Becker's Healthcare
Publication, July 2017

Condition based bundled payments – the wave of the future?

March 1, 2017

While many observers question the long-term survival of ACOs, bundled payments have been shown to produce savings while improving quality and observers see them expanding in the future.Published on Becker's Spine Review,
February 2017

Predictive analytics: Is this the wave of the future for orthopaedic surgery?

July 25, 2016

Poor clinical or financial patient outcomes are an increasing concern as hospitals and surgeons are finding themselves placed at risk. Because of this, advanced analytics used to make predictions about unknown future events are now being utilized to quantitatively predict various outcomes of joint replacement patient care.Published on Becker's Hospital Review,
July 2016

Bundled payments – The market and the message are becoming consistent

June 30, 2016

It is abundantly clear that bundled payments are here to stay and will continue to expand their reach.Published on Becker's ASC Review,
June 2016

Operating a successful outpatient total joint replacement program

June 29, 2016

History demonstrates that the fee-for-service system is unsustainable and that value-based care as a solution has long had strong bi-partisan support in Congress.Published on Becker's ASC Review,
May 2016

Operational efficiencies: Improvement in first-case start times

June 13, 2016

As published in OR Manager, Beloit Memorial Hospital, a 100-bed community-based facility with six ORs, teamed up with Stryker Performance Solutions and aggressively focused on first-case start times.Published on OR Manager,
May 2016

Ready for Risk? 4 Key Ways Medicare Episode Claims Data Analytics Offer a Competitive Advantage in CJR

April 15, 2016

Published on Becker's Hospital CFO,
January 2016

February 11, 2016 – How CJR Will Encourage and Incentivize Regional Centers of Excellence

February 11, 2016

Published on Becker's Hospital Review,
February 2016

5 Methods to Help Change Discharge Patterns: Understanding and Shifting Away From the Post-Acute Culture in Light of CJR

January 21, 2016

Published on Becker's Hospital Review,
January 2016

Past webinars

BPCI Advanced Webinar: Utilizing Analytics to Effectively Manage your Episodes.

Presented by Jordan McInerney, Sr Managing Consultant, Alignment Strategy & Reform, Service Line Development.

Thursday, May 17th, 2018
2pm – 2:30pm eastern

Data analytics are vital to understanding and managing your orthopedic episodes.

The trifecta of providing the right care at the right place at the right time is crucial for optimizing your patients while reducing costs. The utilization of data to drive this optimization is crucial.

Monitoring your episode costs with real-time data on provider referral patterns and adherence to post-acute care plans increases your ability to succeed in BPCI Advanced.

Performance Solutions has developed robust tools to help you understand…

  • if your patients are complying with post-acute care plans
  • where your patient go after discharge and for how long
  • what your post-acute provider usage is
  • how your costs compare to your target price
  • if you are making or losing money in the bundle and why

During this 30-minute webinar, Jordan McInerney discussed why both real-time and Medicare claims data are vital for success under BPCI Advanced. He provided a live data analytics demonstration and answered questions you submited during the registration process.

Please contact to be sent a recording of the webinar.

BPCI Advanced Webinar: Identifying Care Redesign Gaps & Efficient Use of Staff Resources.

Presented by Robyn McGann, MBA, Senior Managing Consultant and BPCI Compliance Officer.

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018
2pm – 2:45pm eastern

During this 45-minute webinar, Robyn McGann BSN, MBA explained the ways in which our expertise and infrastructure help fill in the gaps that may be missed by other conveners.

The webinar explains the criticality of:

  • Pre-op optimization for surgical episodes
  • Patient tracking throughout the episode of care
  • Managing patients by exception to ensure efficient resource use
  • The importance of patient navigation through their episode and gaining their engagement in the plan
  • Considerations regarding your convener partner in BPCI Advanced

Please contact to be sent a recording of the webinar.

Educational video

BPCI Advanced. What is it and how to take advantage of it now.

During this 45-minute webinar, we will explain:

  • the structure of the program, including the March 12th application deadline
  • the episodes of care eligible to participate, including Total Joint Replacement
  • program opportunities, which include earning savings on episodes of care and receiving a 5% increase on all Medicare payments under MACRA
  • how physician groups can apply and participate through the Performance Solutions convener

The deadline to apply is rapidly approaching. Stryker’s Performance Solutions will be a convener under the new program, continuing its five-year record of helping orthopedic physician groups achieve success in Total Joint Replacement bundled payments. Learn how physician groups can preserve their option to participate in this program through the Performance Solutions convener.