VeraSense for Triathlon

Sensor-assisted technology

VeraSense for Triathlon is a single-use sensor that delivers evidence-based data wirelessly to an intraoperative monitor, enabling surgeons to perform real-time, quantified soft tissue balancing and implant positioning during total knee arthroplasty through articular surface load sensors.

Quantify soft tissue balance and customize implant position

VeraSense sensor-assisted technology enables surgeons to quantify ligament balance and customize implant position by giving them real-time, evidence-based data during primary and revision total knee arthroplasty (TKA). This single-use, intelligent device delivers data wirelessly to an intraoperative monitor to enable surgeons to make informed decisions regarding implant position and soft tissue releases to improve knee balance and stability through the range of motion.1 This monitor – the LinkStation MINI with VeraSense Software Application - displays intraoperative data on a high-definition tablet screen that occupies minimal space in the OR.


Clinical and economic benefits of quantified balance
A knee that is not correctly balanced during total knee arthroplasty may result in pain, stiffness, limited function and range of motion and instability for the patient following surgery.2-5 These patient-reported outcome measurements can influence patient satisfaction and quality of care metrics for reimbursement. 
The use of VeraSense has shown statistically significant improvements in patient-reported outcome measurements and increase in physical therapy performance during early post-op recovery and rehabilitation for TKA.6-9 These improvements have translated to shorter treatments and lower overall costs in the complete TKA episode of care.9