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MotionSense | Patient interaction

MotionSense is a wearable remote therapeutic monitoring device that helps guide and empower patients through their knee replacement recovery.

This device sends patient recovery information directly to the surgeon and care team, allowing them to personalize a patient’s recovery by customizing physical therapy exercises and capturing key metrics such as: 

1 - Pain Scores


Pain scores

2 - Range of motion


Range of motion

3 - Wound images


Wound images

4 - Daily steps


Daily steps

5 - PROM collection


PROM collection


OrthoLogIQ | Surgeon and Care Team interaction

OrthoLogIQ is a cloud-based platform that allows surgeons and care teams to view the patient recovery data captured by MotionSense. It quantifies orthopedics and patient recovery, enabling healthcare providers to remotely monitor and personalize pre-operative and post-operative care, with the goal of improving patient outcomes at a lower cost. 

Patient list 

  • Create patient profiles 
  • Link individual patients with data from their MotionSense app 
  • Remotely access patient data from anywhere with a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform 
  • Review knee recovery metrics (range of motion, weight-bearing time, activity, steps, etc.) 


  • Review and analyze patient data 
  • Utilize actionable data to determine if interventional care is needed 
  • Receive notifications to quickly identify patients who need attention 

Key features

1 - Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Remote monitoring and engagement 

Engage patients outside of the clinic through real-time capture of prescribed exercise completion. Encourage a positive recovery by monitoring home exercise plans, range of motion progress, wound images, and much more. 

2 - Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures 

Efficiently collect PROM surveys (KOOS, KOOS-Jr, PROMIS-10, VR-12) and daily pain scores. 



4 - Dashboard and analytics

Dashboard and analytics 

Quickly identify, evaluate, and intervene with high-risk patients using the daily reporting in the OrthoLogIQ dashboard. Evaluate the recovery progress of each patient through patient-specific dashboards to streamline and personalize patient care. 


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