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Stryker's Emergency Relief Patient Cover

Emergency Relief Patient Cover at a glance

In response to the urgent need for patient and caregiver safety during the COVID-19 crisis, the Emergency Relief Patient Cover exclusively serves our partners on the front lines of the pandemic.
Although the Emergency Relief Patient Cover has not been cleared or approved by the FDA, it is authorized for use by healthcare providers in contact with patients who are known or suspected to have COVID-19 under the Emergency Use Authorization for Protective Barrier Enclosures. This limited-release product helps prevent exposure to pathogenic biological airborne particulates by providing an extra barrier of protection in addition to personal protective equipment for the duration of the pandemic.†

Key features

Deployed size: 19” x 25” x 20” (W x L x H)

  • Fixed, yet flexible height and width, allowing for easy patient access
  • Able to be used on/with multiple patient surfaces
  • Accommodates manual CPR and mechanical CPR with the LUCAS Chest Compression System
  • Allows access for intubation, extubation and ventilation
  • Can be used with supplemental O2
  • Stability strap for use during transport
  • Generous head room for patient comfort

Stryker’s Emergency Relief Patient Cover is designed to implement an additional barrier of protection for healthcare providers and increased peace of mind.



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