Spirit Select

Specialty Bed Series

The intelligent hospital bed.

Spirit Select

Spirit Select Specialty Bed portfolio at a glance

It’s about confidence. You know this bed is the answer as soon as your first patients use it. Yes, it’s easy to use and efficient, but more importantly, it’s built around fall prevention. You may have experienced a patient’s fall and have felt the guilt of not preventing their injury. The Spirit Select Bed’s innovative technology, along with fall prevention protocols, can help equip your staff with the tools they need to best care for their high fall-risk patients. If your patient does get out of bed and fall, the low height of the bed can help lessen the impact of the fall. 

  • Spirit Select Specialty Bed

  • Spirit Select Postpartum Bed

  • Spirit Select VA Bed

  • Spirit Select Youth Inlay Bed

  • Spirit Select Behavioral Health Bed