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Protect patients and staff with the Emergency Relief Patient Cover

As the coronavirus pandemic spread across the world, our Emergency Care business was hearing from healthcare providers that they wanted and needed our help in facing the challenging conditions.

One of the main concerns we heard about was their exposure to patients, because they could not easily determine whether a patient may have COVID-19. There were PPE shortages exacerbating these concerns and we saw our customers resort to creating their own solutions, all while trying to care for their patients and protect themselves.

When asking what considerations our design should incorporate, customers responded with comments around the installation, transfer (to and from patient surfaces), safe patient access, adjustability (patient and cover), stability (stagnant in the ambulance and moving), small storage footprint, and disposal.

...we saw our customers resort to creating their own solutions, all while trying to care for their patients and protect themselves.

That customer input informed 15 design concepts that our R&D team developed. Our team then took those designs and broke them down into smaller task forces, focused on how to improve different elements. This work resulted in narrowing our proposed concepts down to two that we then took back to customers for additional feedback.

Our EMS and hospital customers told us they were looking for some type of barrier that was easy to use, safe for both patients and staff, while still providing the ability for patient intervention while the barrier was in place. Our Emergency Relief Patient Cover was born from these challenges.

The Emergency Relief Patient Cover can also accommodate manual CPR and mechanical CPR with the LUCAS Chest Compression System. It is also designed to allow for intubation, extubation and ventilation.

Moreover, when a patient arrives at the emergency department in a hospital, they are transferred from the ambulance cot to a stretcher. Moving the patient efficiently and easily from one surface to another with the cover remaining in place using the patient’s weight, continues to protect both the patient from the environment they are in as well as the caregivers that are attending to them. Whenever the cover needs to be removed, it collapses back down for easy disposal.

The best way we can say “thank you” to our healthcare providers that are on the front lines of this pandemic is to provide them with the support they need. We are focused on helping our customers stay safe so they can focus on saving lives.