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Every mile moved is a step towards new brain tumor treatments


According to the National Brain Tumor Society, an estimated 700,000 Americans are living with a brain tumor and approximately 88,970 more will be diagnosed with one in 2022.1 It’s also the leading cause of cancer-related death among children and adolescents under 19 years old.1 Despite the statistics, brain tumors are widely misunderstood by the general public and clinical research remains underfunded. To help raise awareness and funding for brain tumor research and resources, Stryker’s Neurosurgical team is partnering with the National Brain Tumor Society on a month-long move-a-thon that will benefit patients and families supporting someone with a brain tumor.

"This month, we're proud to partner with the society to support, empower and amplify the voice of the brain tumor community as we work to advance neurosurgery and transform lives," said Jim Marucci, vice president and general manager of Stryker's Neurosurgical business.

What does it mean to #GoGrayInMay?

According to the National Brain Tumor Society, “the brain tumor experience is full of extraordinary darkness and extraordinary hope. The gray area that falls in between is what drives us, unrelentingly, toward our shared mission of conquering and curing brain tumors—once and for all.”² Use #GoGrayInMay or #GrayMay to show how you’re taking action and raising awareness to make lasting change for the brain tumor community.

Passionate employees take steps towards new brain cancer treatments
In 2019, Stryker released the Sonopet iQ Ultrasonic Aspirator, a technology that helps surgeons remove soft and fibrous brain tumor tissue and work near blood vessels and nerves. In under three years, Sonopet has been used in over 50,000 procedures.3 This technology was developed to advance neurosurgical care.

For the second year in a row, Stryker employees are bringing awareness to this form of cancer by participating in a month-long move-a-thon. Every mile they walk, run or dance will turn into $1 donated to the National Brain Tumor Society to support research, up to $25,000. Employees will help the National Brain Tumor Society spread awareness of the disease while reinforcing our shared vision of providing better patient outcomes.

“Brain cancer patients and their families exhibit strength and courage throughout their journey. It’s a privilege to support initiatives like this that are working to find a cure,” said Dylan Crotty, President of Stryker’s Instruments division.

David F. Arons, JD, Chief Executive Officer of the National Brain Tumor Society says, “Brain tumors are some of the toughest and most complex diseases on the planet. The generous support of sponsors like Stryker will improve the delivery of care in pursuit of better outcomes for patients.”

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