Restoring shoulder motion and confidence in her career
Barbara Corcoran’s InSpace balloon story

For many patients with massive irreparable rotator cuff tears (MIRCTs) in their shoulders, the pain is debilitating.1 Barbara Corcoran was no different. Listen to her story and learn how InSpace helped her get back in motion and back to her career.

Breakthrough technology getting patients with MIRCTs back in motion

MIRCTs are one of the most common causes of shoulder dysfunction.2,3,4 The InSpace balloon implant is a breakthrough solution for arthroscopic treatment of MIRCTs and provides a new, simple surgical treatment option, allowing surgeons to better meet the needs of their patients, like Barbara.

InSpace fills a gap in the current shoulder continuum of care and is a solution to an unmet clinical need for MIRCT patients. InSpace is a biodegradable implant designed to restore the subacromial space without requiring sutures or fixation devices and has been demonstrated to improve shoulder motion and function.5

We are committed to the advancement of shoulder arthroscopy and delivering technologies like InSpace to make healthcare better. InSpace offers a unique opportunity for us to better partner with our customers on their clinical objectives to improve care around a very challenging pathology in the shoulder for their patients. Patients like Barbara, whose story inspires and showcases confidence in getting back to career and an active lifestyle.



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