Resource efficiency
A material difference 
Our world’s resources aren’t unlimited. That’s why we’re making the most of what we’ve been given.


With this in mind, our teams are proactively working to reduce both what we use and what we leave behind. We’re tracking our progress and installing global reporting systems, setting goals for manufacturing and looking at our use of resources across the business. We’re also partnering with our customers to reduce what is left behind in landfill waste and grow resources that will help the planet, like national forests. 

Steps we're taking


Considering our total footprint  
Our 2018 Carbon Disclosure Report rating was a “B” illustrating continued improvement and above average in our peer group. CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, is a global disclosure system enabling companies to measure and manage the environmental impact of their business. By measuring our progress with this system, we’re able to strategically monitor our footprint.

Certifying our facilities 
We recognize that our offices and manufacturing facilities have an impact on the communities in which they are located, and the world's health. By working with accrediting organizations to evaluate and certify the environmental impact and sustainability of our buildings, we commit to protecting natural resources and supporting our employees and their communities. The following Stryker locations have been certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a green building rating system; and Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), a sustainability performance rating system:  

  • Suzhou, China  
  • Portage, MI, USA (2)
  • Mahwah, NJ, USA  
  • Cary, IL, USA 
  • Flower Mound, TX, USA
  • Arroyo, Puerto Rico, USA
  • San Jose, CA, USA 
  • Hong Kong, China 
  • Venlo, Netherlands 
  • Newbury, Berkshire, UK
Enhancing reporting  

We’ve completed integration and training on our new EHS global software management system. This customized EHS software system allows us to report on environmental performance across our key pillars including sustainability, employee health and workplace safety.   

Piloting initiatives 

This year we are piloting transportation initiatives designed to reduce packaging and shift air to ground or rail. Parcels eliminated through this program are estimated to be 27,317 thus far.  

In addition, employee-led green initiatives have been launched at offices around the globe. Recycle and reuse programs, rooftop beehives, cycling to work and electric vehicle charge stations are just some of the eco-friendly actions being taken. 

Teaming with hospitals to reduce waste and restore forests 


At Stryker, resource efficiency is considered in our own buildings and beyond them. We continuously grow our commitment to smart, sustainable healthcare and facilitate positive environmental impacts through the advancement of multiple initiatives, including our reprocessing programs.
Medical waste is inevitable, and still ends up where most waste does —in landfills. Our reprocessing programs make it possible for hospitals to significantly reduce their environmental impact. Utilizing our advanced collection system, single-use devices are collected at the hospital and regularly shipped by Stryker staff to the reprocessing facility. The devices are cleaned, inspected, tested and sent back to the hospital, avoiding unnecessary landfill waste. 
But we don't stop there. 

Once a hospital achieves its annual collection goal for certain devices, we make a donation to the National Forest Foundation (NFF). Each participating facility can earn up to 150 planted trees. The NFF chooses the tree planting location, prioritizing areas that are in greatest need based on environmental concern. 
Since the inception of the program, we have donated thousands of trees to help restore the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon and the Coconino National Forest in Arizona. This year, we are on track to plant over 80,000 trees!
Reprocessing programs deliver immense value to U.S. hospitals, but it takes a hospital staff to make them a success. Engaged staff members are key to growing device collections, and every time they place a device in a bin, they're doing their part and proving their commitment to a better, more sustainable world. 
Together with our customers and NFF, we're keeping more waste out of landfills, putting more trees in the ground and being more efficient with the resources we've been given. 

In 2019 we are on track to plant over 80,000 trees