Health, safety and wellness

Safety performance

The safety of our people is paramount and is a shared responsibility. As a result of our continuous improvement initiatives, we accomplished the following in 2019:

• 16% reduction in recordable injuries from 2018
• Reduced Recordable Injury Rate (IR) to 1.06 per 100 employees
• Proactively identified 7,552 safety observations

Stryker’s injury rate of 1.06 is below the medical device industry average of 1.8.

Improved safety performance is achieved through our lessons learned program, and education and training initiatives that move us toward our goal of zero work related injuries. Our 2020 objective is to reduce our recordable injury rate by 20%. Specifically, we will improve safety performance through:

Standardization: Continue to leverage the success of the safer together program and deliver relevant curricula that includes hand injury prevention; slip, trip, and fall prevention; and proper selection and use of personal protective equipment.

Ownership: Support the growth and development of local Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Committees and celebrate ownership and shared responsibility of the safety of our teams by initiating a recognition program that highlights significant contributions both locally and globally.

Culture: Leverage data and EHS Programs to influence the values, attitudes, and goals of Global Quality and Operations (GQO). Improve safety behaviors and encourage proactive reporting. Focus on leading indicators that identify hazards and address issues before they cause incidents. Leaders are expected to manage and mitigate incidents as part of their standard work. They are accountable to make progress through the Managing for Daily Improvement (MDI) process.

Our employees should be and feel safe working in our facilities. We have set aggressive goals to ensure the safety of our employees and visitors. Together, we will proactively identify hazards, implement solutions, and prevent injuries. At Stryker, we are safer together.

Strive saves lives

Like thousands of Stryker employees, Michael Pearison participates in Strive—our employee well-being program closely tied to our company’s mission. Michael is a Senior Test Technician with Stryker’s Instruments division and frequently earned points through the program. 

As part of Strive, Michael registered himself for biometric screening—and was lucky he did. The test results raised a red flag. Then came the diagnosis: a very rare form of cancer called a carcinoid neuroendocrine tumor. 

Michael’s doctors acted swiftly, and although the location of the tumor was not easily operable, a procedure was scheduled for its removal. Between five doctors, four hospitals, numerous tests, three endoscopic procedures, PET scans, MRIs and more, Michael’s medical costs would have surpassed $100,000, but Stryker’s insurance plan covered the vast majority of the treatment costs. After 18 months of diagnostics and procedures, Michael was finally cleared of all cancer and is now in observatory care. 

At Stryker, investing in people means investing in people like Michael—a person who is more than an employee, but a friend, relative and neighbor. By seeing individuals as more than their role or job title, we’re better able to serve them, support them and, occasionally, help save their life.