Training and education

Stryker offers a variety of medical educational support programs that help medical professionals provide high quality healthcare. These include surgical symposia, learning offerings, board certification guides and quarterly publications to increase knowledge and improve patient care. Stryker also offers a variety of patient educational support programs.

In addition, Stryker offers various CME accredited courses, each designed and coordinated with approved CME accreditation boards. The range of services and offerings varies depending on geographic location. 


Triathlon Cork_Mar'18

Barcelona AIS Course

Gamma3  and T2

AccoladeII & Triathlon LSO

Arthroscopy Course

Mako Certification Course Mar'18

Triathlon LSO

Mako TKA Course Mar'18

Mako TKA Course Luxembourg Mar'18

Triathlon Launch

Triathlon Cork Apr'18

Mako Certification Course Apr'18

Triathlon Cork May'18

Advanced Cadaver Course

Triathlon TS June'18

Trevo Stroke

Stanmore LSO


Geneva AIS Workshop Agenda

Montpellier Full Immersion Course Agenda

Montpellier Full Immersion Course Agenda Nov' 18

CAT Symposium, Vienna_Nov’18

Stanmore LSO_Dec’18

International Stroke Course_Dec’18

Nailing Course_Nov’18

Mako Certification Course Dec’18