Stryker holds diversity, equity and inclusion summit


We recently held our first global diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) summit for Stryker employees. The summit challenged all of us to be the difference: for ourselves, for our colleagues, for our customers and for our communities. Learn how our employees are taking what they learned and are turning it into action to advance DE&I at Stryker.

Four inspiring ways our employees will advance diversity, equity and inclusion


Catalina Torres
Lead Communications Specialist
'I commit to be the difference by challenging myself, my family and my colleagues to think differently, to learn more about other cultures different from mine and embrace them. I will listen more to others!'

Lokesh Khurmi
Senior Manager, Quality Systems, Corporate Audit
'We all have so many stories to inspire but many times are reluctant to share. This summit is going to help people open up more. As friends, leaders and colleagues, we need to be genuinely interested, and listen to those (diverse) experiences and be a better person day after day.

Denise Nazaro
Senior Manager, Quality Systems
'I commit to embracing the diversity within our teams and face every interaction with new eyes for understanding and welcoming differences. I commit to encourage everyone's participation, to be more aware of my biases and work to overcome them, to ensure people feel welcome, included and valued for their individuality and true self'.

David Allan
Director of Design
'Having diverse points of view on our teams is crucial. We owe it to our customers and ourselves. Let’s get to work!'


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