People helping people


At Stryker, people are at the heart of what we do—now more than ever. It is true as an organisation and it is also true as individual employees. Right now, our Stryker family is stepping up, giving more and digging deeper. They are responding in their own communities, in their own way, united by a drive to make a difference.

We asked our employees around the world to share the ways they are helping. Here are their stories.  

A material difference.
Location: USA
After hearing stories about nurses having to share masks, one of our employees and his wife bought materials and began designing, manufacturing and shipping fabric facemasks. The masks reached many people in need, including a cancer patient with a compromised immune system and 20 employees who work in hospice.

A drive to help.  
Location: United Kingdom
One of our employees in the U.K. is mobilising Emergency Blood Bikes. These bikes are motorcycles used to deliver urgent and emergency medical items between hospitals within 24 hours. As a volunteer, he remains on standby, ready to ride whenever a local hospital needs him.

Stretching the impact.
Location: USA
One of our employees in Colorado hosts virtual yoga classes. In response to COVID-19, she is collecting donations for a Denver-based organisation that is supporting medical professionals on the front lines.

These are only some of the many stories we have heard. All over the world, people are helping people, including our customers who are adapting and responding like never before.

Here are some of the other ways our employees are using their time, talent and resources to offer support beyond their daily roles at Stryker:

  • Our people are donating blood through the Red Cross to help alleviate shortages.
  • They are giving to local charities and global organisations, including the World Health Organization.
  • They are using their ingenuity to print products in 3D, like plastic strips that can help alleviate the soreness of wearing a medical mask for long hours.

COVID-19 is proving to be one of healthcareʹs greatest challenges in our lifetime. But we are inspired by the response of people. Our company and our employees will continue looking for the good in the world—and use it as motivation to keep on helping.

Michael volunteers with his local Blood Bikes organisation