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Excise tax on certain early distributions
All distributions from the Plan (other than those from your Roth pay deferral account, Roth rollover account, and Roth In-Plan Conversion account) that are not rolled over to an IRA or another plan are taxable income. Further, if you receive a distribution from the Plan before age 59-1/2, federal law imposes an excise tax equal to 10% of the amount of the distribution in addition to regular income tax. The 10% excise tax is imposed unless one of the following exceptions applies:
  • The distribution is made as a result of your termination of employment during or after the year you attain age 55;
  • The distribution is made as a result of your death or disability;
  • The distribution does not exceed your deductible medical expenses (medical expenses which exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income);
  • The distribution is made under a qualified domestic relations order;
  • The distribution consists of excess pay deferral amounts; or
  • The distribution is part of a series of substantially equal payments over your life expectancy or over the joint life expectancy of you and your spouse.