Participating Providers
All participating providers are carefully selected according to objective requirements and standards. The criteria for doctors include professional credentials, education, medical training and experience and hospital admitting privileges. Whenever possible, doctors are either board certified or board-eligible in their areas. For hospitals, the criteria include accessibility, quality of care, community reputation, available services and cost efficiency. Network managers regularly re-evaluate participating providers to make sure they continue to meet requirements.
Network participation status changes from time to time, so it is important to verify that your doctor or hospital participates with the UnitedHealthcare network before scheduling an appointment or procedure Participating provider information is available via the UnitedHealthcare web site ( and/or by calling 800 387 7508 toll free.
UnitedHealthcare's credentialing process confirms public information about the provider's licenses and other credentials, but does not assure the quality of the services provided.
Possible Limitations on Provider Use
If UnitedHealthcare determines that you are using health care services in a harmful or abusive manner, you may be required to select a network physician to provide and coordinate all of your future covered health services.
If you don't make a selection within 31 days of the date you are notified, UnitedHealthcare will select a single network physician for you.
In the event that you do not use the selected network physician, benefits will not be paid.