VariAx 2 Wrist Fusion

Plating System

Variable angle locking plate system for treating wrist arthrodesis and fixation of fractures in patients with wrist arthritis or fractures of other small bones of the carpus.

Plating that fits.

The VariAx 2 Wrist Fusion Plating System provides you with a comprehensive range of anatomic plating options that work with a common instrument and screw platform. Plates utilize SmartLock technology which permits polyaxial screw placement. You can angle locking screws up to 15˚ in each direction for a total range of 30˚ providing surgeons with the flexibility to position screws based on the patient, not a plate’s pre-existing design. 

  • SOMA designed short bend, standard bend and straight options with a low distal profile designed for minimal plate prominence

  • 9º dorsiflexion angle of pre-bent plates designed for optimal hand position

  • Proximal oblong hole for axial compression of radio-carpal fragments

  • Distal transverse oblong hole for precise ulnar or radial alignment

  • Combining T8 2.4mm and 2.7mm screws and T10 3.5mm screws