VariAx 2 Small Fragment

Plating System

The VariAx 2 Small Fragment Platform is designed to offer a comprehensive, modular and easy-to-use platform for treating various small fragment indications including clavicle, humerus, radius, ulna, fibula, fore-/mid & hind foot.

Plating that fits.

Stryker’s plating portfolio is plating that fits. Because we carefully consider how our entire portfolio – plates, procedures and support –best fit your needs.

  • Includes T8 & T10 screws plus standardized instrumentation & reduction instruments across indications.
  • Provides comprehensive range of plates & specialty instruments for each small frag indication.
  • Designed to easily identify screw diameter, screw type, and corresponding instrumentation. A black laser marking on the screw head indicates a locking screw.

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