VariAx 2 Foot

Plating System

Variable angle locking plate system for reconstruction or arthrodesis of small bones, including the fore, mid- and hind foot and ankle.

Plating that fits.

Simplicity and adaptability with seven new indication specific plates using the comprehensive locking and non-locking screw system. The patented polyaxial locking technology and low profile design were created using our SOMA database. The adaptable design allows for modularity and variable angles, you can base screw positioning on your patient at hand, not a plate’s pre-existing design.

  • Compression and locking in one step

  • Patented SmartLock Polyaxial Locking Technology 1

  • Seven new indication specific plates

  • Locking screws can be angled ±15° for a total range of 30°

  • Anodization type II

  • Low profile plate design