Injectable Bone Subsitute

An injectable, self-setting bone substitute composed of tetra-calcium phosphate that is formulated to convert to hydroxyapatite, the principal mineral component of bone.

HA injectable bone subsitute 

HydroSet is specifically formulated to effectively set in a wet field environment and exhibits outstanding wet-field characteristics. The crystalline structure and porosity offer osteoconductive and osteointegrative properties, with biocompatibility and mechanical characteristics. Hydroset is designed to offer rigidity, structure, and to encourage new bone formation.1,2,3,4

  • Under wet conditions, HydroSet is shown to set significantly faster than competitive products5,6

  • Indicated to augment provisional hardware to support bone fragments during the surgical procedure7

  • Fast setting crystalline structure is able to set within eight minutes after implantation under normal physiological circumstances8

  • HydroSet XT simplifies product preparation by eliminating bowl mixing, mixing inconsistencies and the transfer into syringe1,8,9

  • HydroSet XT enhances ease of use by using a self-contained delivery system with a locking torque handle1,8,9

  • HydroSet XT increases working time by reducing preparation time and using a torque handle to continue working while HydroSet XT begins to set1,9