Hoffmann 3

External Fixation System

Used to provide stabilization of open and / or unstable fractures and where soft tissue injury may preclude the use of other fracture treatments.

Hoffmann 3

This system has a long tradition of providing solutions not only for patient care in the established environment of trauma center infrastructures but also in extreme situations such as military operations or disaster recovery management around the world.

  • Single point of tightening on delta couplings allows for enhanced efficiency

  • "Delta" design allows for 6 different pin/bar connections through a single coupling

  • Pre-attached, removable thumbwheels on the couplings allow for provisional tightening as well as a visual indicator of final tightening

  • Multiplanar delta couplings allow for single rod constructs and free-hand pin placement

  • Universal pin chuck allows stab-&-grab of all Apex pins

  • Hybrid pins allow use of 3 & 4mm threads with the 5mm side of delta couplings  

  • 11mm vectran coated carbon fiber rods for enhanced frame stability

  • Field kits with pre-sterilized components and instruments for multiple indications