Bone Preparation System

Improved cement fixation expanding your total joint capabilities.

BioPrep Bone Preparation Kit

The BioPrep Bone Preparation Kit contains brushes and sponges which allow the medullary canal and acetabulum to be cleaned prior to placement of bone cement and/or prosthesis. It also contains sculps which may be used to remove excess cement around the prosthesis.

  • Femoral canal brush - thoroughly cleans intramedullary canal of loose cancellous bone and other debris.

  • Cement restrictor and inserter - three ring design provides superior cement fixation and pressurization.

  • Femoral sponge - suction feature effectively absorbs blood and fluid from the medullary canal.

  • Cement application - Stryker's dual speed gun provides fill and pressurize mode to assure optimal cement-to-bone interface.

  • Cement sculps - remove surrounding soft cement with no risk of scratching the prosthesis.