Vertebral Body Support System

A static titanium vertebral body replacement implant with modular end caps to help fit a variety of patient anatomies

VBOSS Vertebral Body Support System

This system consists of a hollow cylindrical cage and is intended for use as an aid in spinal fusion and stabilization in the thoracolumbar (T1-L5) spine. The sides of the cage are perforated by equally spaced round holes, and have grooves that can be used as cutting lines. Modular end caps with evenly spaced spikes for endplate fixation snap into each end of the cage, and are available in different shapes, heights and lordotic angles.

  • Multiple cage diameters, modular end caps, and a unique cage cutting instrument allow you to tailor the implant to a variety of patient anatomies

  • Titanium alloy material is biocompatible, x-ray visible, MRI compatible, load bearing, and easy to cut yet strong enough not to deform under compression

  • Unique distraction instruments facilitate placement of the cage