Tritanium C

Anterior Cervical Cage

A hollow implant that consists of a unique configuration of both solid and porous structures built using AMagine Technology, our proprietary approach to implant creation using additive manufacturing

Tritanium C Anterior Cervical Cage

This cage is available in a variety of footprints, heights and lordotic angles to accommodate various patient anatomies. It features a large, open graft window to maximize bone graft volume and lateral windows to reduce stiffness of the cage and aid in visualization of fusion. A threaded inserter connection promotes rigid connectivity and control during insertion.  

  • Our proprietary Tritanium In-Growth Technology, used to build the Tritanium PL and C Cages, was designed for bone in-growth and biological fixation1

  • Unique porous structure of Tritanium technology is designed to create a favorable environment for cell attachment and proliferation2,3 and may be able to wick or retain fluid when compared to traditional titanium material4

  • Porous structures feature randomized pore shape and sizing that are designed to mimic cancellous bone3,5

  • Interconnected pore structure from endplate to endplate3

  • Compared to other available materials for ACDF, offers no risk of donor infection, no donor lot variability, no special tracking or distribution and no special preparation (i.e., soaking)

  • Created to allow imaging6

  • Shaped for stability7,8

  • Developed to minimize subsidence9

  • Empowered by AMagine Technology – our proprietary approach to implant creation using additive manufacturing