An oval shaped retractor designed to provide minimally invasive access to the posterior thoracolumbar spine

Luxor Retractor

Part of the LITe (Less Invasive Technologies) platform, this retractor is designed to provide access to the thoracic and lumbar spine from a posterior approach via a small incision. The oval design reduces the medial/lateral muscle retraction seen in some circular retractors, while also providing more working space at the level of the incision.

  • Radiolucency allows complete visualization of anatomical landmarks while using fluoroscopy

  • Silicone sleeve and anatomically shaped blades are used to prevent tissue from entering the surgical site

  • Cobb-style initial dilator facilitates tissue dissection while incorporating insertion safety

  • Large distal span maximizes access at the surgical site

  • Oval design maximizes working and visualization channels while minimizing tissue damage

  • Thin, shadowless lighting component provides continuous panoramic lighting that conforms to surgical site