LITe BIO Delivery System

A low profile, single handed, mallet free instrument designed to deliver bone graft material to the spine

LITe BIO Delivery System

This system allows the delivery of bone graft material in a lateral, ventral and/or dorsal position relative to the implant. It provides a single handed, mallet free method to deliver allograft, autograft or synthetic bone graft material without obstructing your direct visualization of the surgical site.1

  • Low profile instrument designed for less invasive procedures

  • Visibility through a decompression tube without obstructing view1

  • Radiolucent strip allows for visualization under fluoroscopy

  • Single handed, ratcheting handle provides tactile, visual and audible confirmation during bone graft delivery

  • Mallet free system eliminates impaction of bone graft during delivery

  • Compatible with various bone graft materials including allograft, autograft and synthetic bone graft2

  • Disposable cannulas allow for up to 5cc of bone graft at one time