Posterior Lumbar Allograft Spacer

Posterior lumbar allograft spacer designed for both bilateral PLIF and oblique TLIF surgical approaches

BIO AVS UniLIF Posterior Lumbar Allograft Spacer

These spacers are available in standard lengths for bilateral PLIF approaches or longer lengths with obliquely oriented lordotic angles for unilateral TLIF approaches. The latter option allows you to insert a single spacer diagonally across the disc space while still restoring lordosis in the appropriate anterior-posterior plane.

  • Full cortical parameter for structural support with cancellous center 

  • Self-distracting wedge nose for ease of insertion

  • 1mm isometric serrations on superior and inferior surfaces to help resist expulsion

  • Adaptive sizing to accommodate a wide range of patient anatomy

  • Preservon treated for fully hydrated ambient temperature storage

  • Processed with Allowash XG to achieve a Sterility Assurance Level to 10-6 (SAL)1