PEEK Spacer

Lateral lumbar PEEK spacer with a large bone graft chamber and multiple sizing options


This spacer belongs to our ARIA Spinal System, which we designed to provide access and treatment to the lumbar spine via a lateral or anterolateral approach, including anterior retroperitoneal exposure through a small incision. This surgical technique allows you to place an AVS ARIA PEEK Spacer across the disc space while avoiding the anterior vessels and the posterior neural and bony elements.

  • Various sizing options designed to enable more precise anatomic height and lordotic restoration in a variety of patient populations

  • Self-distracting wedge nose for ease of insertion

  • Large internal graft volume designed to provide maximum superior and inferior surface area contact between the bone graft and the vertebral endplates

  • Isometric serrations provide immediate bidirectional fixation to help resist subsidence

  • Strategically embedded tantalum markers help to radiographically identify the position and orientation of the spacer in situ