AlloCraft CA

Cervical Allograft Spacer

An assembled, freeze dried, lordotic cervical bone graft machined from femoral or tibial allograft and intended for use in Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) procedures

AlloCraft CA Cervical Allograft Spacer

This three piece, corticocancellous graft assembly features an inner porous matrix of cancellous bone and a v-groove surface pattern to help prevent graft movement once implanted. 

  • Proprietary corticocancellous assembly designed to provide load-bearing strength and stability 

  • Textured surface area helps minimize risk of implant migration and displacement 

  • Machined to precise dimensions for consistent fit and functionality 

  • Chamfered leading edge for ease of insertion 

  • 5° of lordosis supports proper alignment of the cervical spine1

  • Freeze dried

  • Ambient temperature storage