SPS Small Frag

Plating system

Stryker's plating system small fragment set consists of plating and screws for the fixation of fractures of the cortical and metaphyseal area of long bones as well as fractures of the calcaneus.

Universal Design

  • Flat plate design allows contouring for either the left or right Calcaneus

  • Low Profile
  • 1.2mm plate thickness may reduce potential peroneal tendon irritation and facilitate wound closure

  • Easy to Contour
  • The reduced profile is designed to minimize the need for difficult contouring

  • Versatile
  • Holds articular reduction while wraparound-arm maintains entire construct
  • Y-arm gives structural support for grafted joint depression fractures
  • Anatomically shaped to better fit the Calcaneus
  • Available in 3 lengths
  • Increased strength around central Y-arm section for improved function and durability
  • Increased screw angulation through central hole