Hoffmann LRF Hexapod

Deformity correction and limb reconstruction

The Hoffmann LRF Hexapod adds additional deformity correction utility to the Hoffmann Limb Reconstruction Frame (LRF) platform

Advanced hardware designed to enhance consumer experience that simplifies deformity correction planning by allowing deformity and frame offset measurements to be taken directly off of uploaded X-rays.


  • The typical Hoffmann LRF Hexapod features six motor struts that are designed to address deformities requiring complex corrections in a three-dimensional space
  • Programmable strut offsetting may also allow for the surgeon to work around existing fixation components and may negate the need for strut change-outs in certain instances
  • To facilitate routine patient or caregiver adjustments, the strut is top actuated for ease of access
  • 1/4mm adjustment rate allows for gradual and direct correction of the deformity


  • The Hexapod hardware is complemented by a case planning and management tools
  • The LRF Hexapod software and hardware is designed to address a range of deformities and complex limb reconstruction procedures
  • Programmable strut-offsetting