Xia 3

Spinal System

A comprehensive pedicle screw system that is designed to provide you intraoperative flexibility and versatility. It is designed to treat degenerative, trauma/tumor and deformity pathologies.

Main features

  • Cortical/Cancellous threads designed to help enhance purchase and create compression to help promote solid fixation
  • 50° polyaxial angulation is designed to facilitate rod placement
  • Buttress thread locking technology is designed to reduce the potential for cross-threading up to 7° allowable misalignment [1]
  • Cutting flute allows for easier insertion and elimination of tapping [2]
  • Designed to treat a wide range of deformities
  • Compatible with power and navigation platforms

1. Stryker Design History File DHF0000016688
2. Stryker Design History File DHF0000016869


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