PEEK Spacer

Anterior cervical PEEK spacer with a large graft chamber and multiple sizing options

Main Features

  • These spacers are available in a variety of footprints, heights, and lordotic angles to help fit a variety of patient anatomies.
  • CP Titanium markers are designed for x-ray visualization
  • Ti6AL4V spikes* are designed to prevent implant migration in the intervertebral space
  • Synthetic Bone Substitute inserts are available for all sizes offered


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AVS Anchor-C

Anterior cervical standalone cage with intuitive instrumentation and no added anterior profile. This system features an interbody fusion device with internal screw fixation and is intended to be used in anterior cervical discectomy with fusion (ACDF) procedures to aid in cervical fusion. A hollow PEEK cage with a titanium screw locking mechanism allows for rigid screw fixation without added anterior profile. Titanium bone screws feature an outer clip which engages the titanium face plate on the cage. This device is available in a variety of lengths, heights and lordotic angles.

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Cascadia Cervical 3D

The Cascadia Cervical 3D Interbody System includes a full range of implant sizes carefully designed to accommodate the vertebral anatomy. This system is used in conjunction with instrumentation that allows for implant insertion and endplate preparation.

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