MIS Pedicle Screw System

Comprehensive MIS system designed to be simple, reliable and versatile

Main features

  • Integrated blades designed to enhance OR efficiency
  • 15mm outer diameter for MIS insertion
  • 15mm built-in reduction with internal threads designed to reduce need for extra instrumentation
  • 50° polyaxial range of motion facilitates rod placement
  • Polyaxial and Monoaxial Augmented screws come in sterile packaging
  • Three rows of three fenestrations 120° apart for screw augmentation
  • Single use and sterile packed blade delivery unit

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Everest Minimally Invasive

The Everest Minimally Invasive Spinal System is a cannulated top-loading polyaxial pedicle screw system featuring the ability to accommodate titanium and CoCr rods of two different diameters. The dual-lead thread pattern allows for faster insertion and increased pullout strength [1]. The mixed-metal (Ti/CoCr) tulip minimised head splay and demonstrated improved biomechanical performance when tested against an all-titanium alloy screw [2]. These implants and instruments are cannulated for use with the Serengeti Minimally Invasive Retractor System.

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