Bone Mill

Bone Mill


Our Bone Mill is designed to streamline the preparation of harvested autologous bone by saving time and reducing manual effort.

With a single-pass cutting action, the Bone Mill consistently and efficiently produces appropriately sized particles all while protecting the bone from heat. 

Its design not only integrates seamlessly into your workflow but with our family of surgical solutions.

Bone Mill

Features and benefits
  • Preassembled blades allow for efficiency during set-up and operation
  • Single-pass cutting action enables uniform particulate size with low temperature bone exposure
  • 50cc Collection tray maximises bone output during the milling cycle
  • Compatible with a wide range of Stryker’s surgical instruments

Optimising efficiency

A versatile range of blades 

Fine blade
Bone particulate up to 3.2 mm

Medium blade
Bone particulate up to 5.0 mm

Coarse blade
Bone particulate up to 8.0 mm

Powered by CORE - our integrated OR solution

CORE Console

  • Console providing a convenient, single control center for O.R. instruments
  • Powers multiple instruments simultaneously including the Bone Mill, irrigation and up to two other devices (small and large bone drills, saws and drivers, small and large joint shavers, ENT shavers or foot pedals).

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