Universal Select

CMF Plating


The Universal Select system is a comprehensive Craniomaxillofacial titanium plating system, which includes a wide selection of implants for bone fixation of Craniomaxillofacial fractures, orthognathic and reconstructive surgery.

Features and benefits

  • Implants and instruments are designed for specific anatomical regions
  • Personalise your plating set by combining implant, instrument, and accessory trays that best fit your needs
  • Utilise interchangeable inlays to easily modify plate and screw combinations
  • Build unique plate pockets with silicone wall inserts
  • Labels are located on the top and sides of modules for easy identification
  • Instruments have corresponding coloring to simplify use in the OR
  • Improved off-axis stability during insertion, compared with previous generation 1
  • Lower profile height
  • Improved screw pick-up performance1
  • Improved insertion of self-drilling screws1



  • Creates a rigid plate to screw construct, minimising the risk of screw backout2
  • Locking capability up to 10º of angulation in every direction3
  • A thinner design allows more plates and screws to fit in a smaller footprint
  • Implant modules and instrument trays stack for simple transportation and sterilisation
  • Enhanced modularity allows for reduced weight
  • Racks are designed to fit into rigid sterilisation containers to eliminate the need for blue wrap

*SMARTLock technology: Licensed from Professor Dietmar WolLllr, Hamburg. Germany 

1: Product performance references: K172572 - Performance Testing. End User Test

2: Knott, P.D., et al. “Evaluation of Hardware-Related Complications in Vascularized Bone Grafts with Locking Mandibular Reconstruction Plate Fixation”. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2007 Dec; 133(2): 1302-6.