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Resect and reconstruct in one surgery
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Resect and reconstruct in one surgery.

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PEEK Single Stage Implant
One surgery PEEK Single stage is a customised cranial implant allowing you to address the restoration of cranial defects in one surgeryIt is indicated for the augmentation and/or restoration of bony and/or soft tissue deformities in the cranial and craniofacial skeleton.



PEEK Single Stage Implant
Plan ahead
Through pre-surgical planning a predictive craniotomy is made. This leads to the design and manufacturing of a patient-specific implant and marking guides, which will be delivered to the hospital prior to surgery. Navigation files are also provided for every case.
PEEK Single Stage Implant
Clinically proven The use of PEEK customised implants during single-stage procedures is described as a safe and effective alternative to craniectomies with delayed reconstructions1, 2, 3, 4. A single-stage procedure can reduce the number of surgeries and the overall surgery time5.




Individually designed. Personalised care.

PEEK Single Stage offering


3D Systems marking guides

For PEEK Single Stage cases, 3D Systems offers surgical marking guides and anatomical models  to assist with the craniotomy. Marking guides are available in either a cap (outer marking wall) or ring style (inner marking wall).



Navigation can be integrated into PEEK Single Stage cases. Transfer the planned resection outline to the patient’s bony anatomy using compatible navigation system (STL and DICOM files). 


Easy workflow

PEEK Single Stage cases can be initiated and managed via desktop or mobile through our Stryker iD Portal. Each case is managed in four simple steps: 1. Case initiation, 2. Design session, 3. Case approval, 4. Shipment, which can all be tracked through the portal.




Clinically proven. 

PEEK Single Stage clinical benefits

Shorter operating time5

Single stage cranioplasty can avoid a second procedure and reduce overall operating time5. Longer operative times require prolonged anesthesia, which is known to be an independent risk factor for postoperative complications and should therefore be prevented7

Reduced burden on patient5

Since only one surgical procedure is required, hospitalisation time is reduced, and no helmet needs to be worn by the patient during revalidation to protect the underlying soft tissues. Also, immediate aesthetically satisfying reconstruction of the defect can be performed. Overall, single-stage cranioplasties therefore reduces the burden on the patient5

Functional & cosmetic outcomes2,3,4,6

The functional and cosmetic outcomes achieved with these surgeries are satisfying for surgeons and patients and remain stable throughout long-term follow-up2, 3, 4, 6.Instances most convincing to benefit from a single stage customised cranial implant may include nonhair-bearing regions, areas of actual or predicted male pattern hair loss, and potential areas of thin, irradiated scalps at risk for material extrusion3

Improved precision4

Complete resection of the tumor is the most important aspect to reach cure in patients with intraosseous meningiomas and can be planned preoperatively in a three-dimensional virtual model, in which also the implant is designed to ensure perfect fit to the resection line. Safety margins can be considered with this procedure to ensure resection of all tumorous tissue4

No image artifacts6,8,9

PEEK does not cause image artifacts and therefore allows imaging follow-up of the patients with either CT or MRI6. No negative consequences have been observed if radiotherapy is performed after insertion of PEEK implants8, 9




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