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Using powerful economic and clinical data, our team is here to help you gain economic sustainability and navigate funding barriers. Let’s develop a tailored strategy, so you can deliver better care in better ways. 

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With StrokEnomics, Stryker partners with physicians, hospitals and healthcare systems to create tailored solutions that may improve patient access and make care more efficient. By delivering strategies around health economic analysis and funding solutions, our team helps remove economic barriers to enhance both patient access and quality of care.



Driven by 

Equipped with the highest level of clinical and economic data, we can strategically navigate barriers—helping to ensure neurovascular procedures are funded and accessible to all eligible patients.



for you

At Stryker, we do more than develop innovative ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke treatment solutions. We demonstrate their economic value- not in a general way, but in a way that matters specifically to you. 

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Our strategic areas of focus right at your fingertips

Our efforts to help you gain economic sustainability are focused across five strategic areas. Knowing that funding challenges differ across the globe, our team has created a collection of regionally specific cost analysis tools. Using this analysis, we'll partner with you in developing a strategy for your needs.



Cost-effectiveness analysis
We comparatively evaluate the cost and the effectiveness of two treatments to identify the best-health, lowest-cost option.

Budget impact analysis
We assess the economic impact of treating eligible patients with a newly adopted intervention, compared with a current intervention.

Budget pro-forma
We evaluate the financial impact of adding a stroke program based on hospital-specific data— immediately and into the future.

Cost-minimization analysis
To identify potential cost savings, we comparatively evaluate the cost of alternative interventions with equivalent efficacy.

Cost benefit analysis
For a new treatment adoption, we demonstrate the economic benefits and how its adoption can improve patient access.

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of our training

We provide educational trainings that take your knowledge a level higher. These educational modules can be customized based on the specific opportunity you have or challenge you face.



Contact the right partner in your region

For a personalized health economics analysis, contact a dedicated member of our team.
Each is equipped with intimate knowledge and resources to share—all based on your specific region.



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