Nurses: A key driver in advancing global health Nurses are champions of hope. They inspire people and improve communities every day and everywhere. This International Nurses Day, we want to share how important nurses are to the future of healthcare. To all nurses who give, from all of us that receive, thank you.

Nurses. They are our advocates in times of need, and they account for 59 per cent of all healthcare professionals worldwide.1 Yet, as the global nursing workforce expands, nursing shortages in many countries remain a concern.1 A report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), the International Council of Nurses and the global Nursing Now campaign states that by focusing on the creation of jobs, education and leadership development for nurses, we can help advance health equity worldwide. The report also reviews some of the important roles nurses play in modern healthcare, including their central role in providing quality care and ensuring patient safety, contributions to the treatment, management and prevention of communicable disease and promotion of health education. Nurses are also at the forefront of contributing to the management of epidemics and pandemics.1

We know the global nursing workforce is key to the future of healthcare. In addition to nurses’ invaluable contributions listed in the report, their input continues to guide our R&D teams in developing innovations that help to improve patient care and safety. We’re proud to partner with and support the nursing community through education and training programmes intended to build skills and lead to better patient outcomes. From continuing education courses and webinars – and even a thriving nurse community on social media – Stryker has programmes in place to support nurse training and education in our communities.

To all nurses who give, from all of us that receive, thank you.


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