Pelvis Reduction and Osteosynthesis Plating System

Anatomic plates and procedure-specific instrumentation for the exposure, reduction, and fixation of pelvis and acetabulum fractures.

PRO Pelvic Retractors

Four retractors are designed toaddress the major issues relatedto working in deep wounds:

  • Illumination
  • Obstructing of fluoroscopyimages by retractors
  • Limited visibility of structuresdue to fluids in the wound
  • Handling

PRO Specialty Reduction Instruments

  • Clamps and tray are color coded to allow easier identification and communication in the OR and during clean up.
  • Tip design on angled jaw clamps is based on a 4-point ball spike, to provide the required grip onthe bone surface and distribution of the applied force.
  • Longer speedlocks offer a larger opening and enhance tip and arm angulation.
  • Offset jaw clamps allow a wide range of application and are conducive to various surgical approaches.1

PRO Pelvic Instrumentation

  • Four retractors designed tomatch the anatomic region being dissected.
  • Ball spike pushers are offered straight and at 15° and 30° angles
  • Screwdrivers with a handle or AO attachment
  • Ø3.5mm and Ø4.5mm x 390mmover drills
  • Ø2.5mm and Ø3.2mm x 450mm drills1

PRO Quadrilateral Surface Plates

Three QLS plates are offered in the PRO system: one suprapectineal plate and a large and small infrapectineal plate.

  • Pre-contoured and designed using proprietary SOMA bone database and software applications
  • Material: annealed stainless steel
  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Ø3.5mm and Ø4.5mm screws may be used with all plates
  • Available in left and right options1

Matta Pelvic Plates

  • Stainless steel cold-worked and annealed plates
  • Curved plates for male and female anatomy
  • Dedicated pubic symphysis plates
  • Round and tapered plate edges
  • Wide screw angulation with Ø3.5mm screws1