Pivot Guardian Distraction System

Pivot Guardian Distraction System


Pivot Guardian is a post-free hip distraction system designed to mitigate post-related complications and heel slip associated with hip arthroscopy.

Explore the innovative design State-of-the-art design and manufacturing focused on improving the patient experience and operating room efficiency.

OR turnover

The Pivot Guardian Distraction System is designed to minimize the time and effort required for transport, setup and takedown.


1. Post-Free

The Pivot Guardian Distraction System is designed to mitigate post related complications.

2. Traction force gauge

The system includes a traction force gauge that estimates the amount of force on the patient.

3. Fine and gross traction controls

Designed to provide enhanced control and better range-of-motion. The surgeon can easily make adduciton, abduction, as well as extension and flexion hip adjustments. It also allows for internal and external rotation of the hip.

4. Carbon fiber construction

Radiolucent carbon fiber construction minimizes the amount of metal components surrounding the hip, allowing for full anterior and posterior visualization during surgery.

Discover the next generation boot

Designed to mitigate heel slip.3


1. Achilles block

Designed to secure the patient's ankle durign distraction.

2. Boa System®

Deliver precise fit and adjustment to distraction system boots, designed to enhance the comfort of the patient.

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