MESA 2 Deformity

Spinal System

The next-generation Mesa 2 screws are top-loading, low-profile, and feature Zero-Torque Technology. The streamlined instrumentation allows for efficiency and ease of use. This system is designed to address the difficult correction maneuvers for complex spinal pathologies.

Main features

  • Self tapping is designed to eliminate a step1
  • Set-screw-less locking mechanism is designed to provide 235° of contact at the rod and tulip interface in comparison to traditional set screw based system that only have two points of rod contact1
  • Zero profile above the rod is designed to reduce the risk of construct prominence
  • Mesa screws apply no torsional load when locking a screw onto the rod due to their taper lock design (interference fit)1
  • Tapered distal 12mm on both major and minor diameters
  • Designed to provide a wedging effect as the screw advances, which results in higher pullout strength and makes it easier to direct screw into the prepared hole2

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