MIS Pedicle Screw System

Comprehensive MIS system designed to be simple, reliable and versatile

Main features

  • Integrated blades designed to enhance OR efficiency
  • 15mm outer diameter for MIS insertion
  • 15mm built-in reduction with internal threads designed to reduce need for extra instrumentation
  • 50° polyaxial range of motion facilitates rod placement
  • Polyaxial and Monoaxial Augmented screws come in sterile packaging
  • Three rows of three fenestrations 120° apart for screw augmentation
  • Single use and sterile packed blade delivery unit

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LITe Pedicle Based Retractor (PBR)

A retractor that facilitates a less invasive approach to spine surgery while helping to minimise the typical challenges of a minimally invasive approach, this system leverages ES2 Screw Technology by docking directly onto the ES2 screws, which allows for rigid placement and pedicle distraction capabilities. It provides you with a less invasive access option that helps you directly visualise the surgical site and identify anatomical structures. By placing the ES2 screw first and docking the retractor second, you can preserve key anatomical landmarks and then use them for orientation.

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