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Resurfacing tool

Enhanced to evolve the way you cut

Our latest evolution of the Precision Saw features an enhanced design and expanded line of Precision Cartridges for ankle, shoulder, hip,and knee arthroplasty.

Stryker Precision Falcon Oscillating Tip Cartridge

Precision Falcon
Precision Standard Blade

Length: 90mm, 105 mm
Width: 20mm, 25 mm
Thickness: 1.27mm, 1.37mm

Reduced movement throughout blade
Outward Facing Cutting Teeth
with cutting arch of -5° to +5°


Non-oscillating blade shaft and variable speed control allow the surgeon to very precisely trim and shape bone in preparation for implants.


More precise cutting and control with less fatigue compared to Precision Standard.

Stryker Precison cartridges only oscillate at the tip of the cartridge greatly reducing excursion and vibration. (1)

Enhanced to evolve the way you cut

Oscillating tip design dramatically reduces vibration and enhances handpiece control. Elimination of blade shaft excursion arc pinpoints bone removal exclusively to intended area and protects soft tissue.

Stationary cartidge design

  • Allows for free-hand stabilization of the cartidge body
  • Eliminates wear on the cut guide and 84% reduction in metal as shown in cadaveric TKA model1

Oscillating tip design

  • 23% reduction in excursion arc versus a sagittal blade2

Cut accuracy
Three-piece modular design with perimeter laser welding

  • 30% stiffer cartidge3
  • Reduces catridge deflection to help maintain the intended cut path

Stationary cartidge design

  • Eliminates motion between the cartidge and cut guide to aid in reduced cutting error

Cutting efficiency
Optimised Precision Falcon tooth geometry

  • 19% increased cut speed3
  • Comparable cut speed to the Stryker Sagittal Saw2

Enhanced relief features for chip clearance and reduced blade surface area decrease cutting temperature4,5

Tactile feel
Thinner cartidge design

  • Optimal fit in cut guide to eliminate sticking/binding

Cut edge radius for optimal tooth engagement throughout the cut arc4

A versatile product suite to meet many different needs

Engineered for optimal performance when paired with Stryker hand pieces

Performance Series Blades

System 8 EZout

Resurfacing Tool

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1. S.E. Syndney, BEng; S.A. Pickering, MD, FRCS(Eng), FRCS(Orth); C.G.R. Bell, PhD; R. Crawford, MBBS, FRACS, DPhil (Oxon). Orthopedics, 2007; 30;999. 2. 25 mm width Precision Cartridge compared to equivalent Stryker Sagittal saw Blade. 3. Comparing 6725-127-105 and 625-127-105 Precision Cartridge (6525-127-105). 4. Test performed with automated equipment in test lab. Temperature measured in degrees Celsius at blade tip after a single cut of synthetic material. 5. Applies to 25 mm cut width with Precision Falcon© tooth geometry.