iVAS® Elite balloon system

The iVAS® Elite balloon system utilizes a balloon catheter to create a void in the collapsed vertebra during the kyphoplasty procedure. This allows for controlled and contained cement delivery. The hardened cement creates an internal cast that helps to stabilize the fracture.


Balloon catheter: up to 808 psi
• Stiff distal balloon catheter provides rigidity for smooth insertion.
• Flexible proximal catheter allows for easy maneuverability.
• The radiopaque markers on the balloon catheter help facilitate accurate visualization and placement of the balloon.

Access cannula/stylet
• The hand drill cuts cleanly through cancellous bone to create a channel for balloon placement.
• Graduation markings on the access cannula assist in measuring needle depth.
• Available in 11G, 10G and 8G.

Cement delivery options
• Coaxial cement delivery tube, available in the kit*, for direct injection
VertePort® cement cannula, for manual injection

*Not available in the 8G Kits

Kit options

iVAS® Elite Fracture kit 

iVAS® Elite Single kit 

iVAS® Elite à la carte balloon catheter