XPR Restraints
Reliable. Clean. Easy.

Customize your cot with exclusive, crash-rated patient restraints. Easy to use and quick to clean, we upgraded our legacy design with a polyurethane coating to increase your confidence on scene.


XPR restraints are equipped with a polyurethane-coated webbing designed to support cleanability.

Familiar feel

Compatible with: 

• Power-PRO XT powered ambulance cot
• Power-PRO TL powered ambulance cot
• Performance-PRO XT manual ambulance cot

Dynamically crash rated


• SAE J3027 and BS EN 1789:2020 dynamic crash standards1

Polyurethane coating

• Reduces absorption
• Power wash safe2
• Dries quickly
• Resists stains

Coated with confidence


Enhance your patients’ and medics’ safety with a proven, crash-rated solution.1 Protect the underlying webbing from damage and moisture absorption with an effective polyurethane coating.


Boost your cleanliness standards to create a more hygienic care environment. Reduce effort on routine disinfecting protocols.3

Ease of use

Eliminate the learning curve using the same attachment points on Stryker’s powered and manual ambulance cots. Increase productivity and save time with easy-to-read placement indicators.

Experience the legacy for yourself

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