Pretreatment Foam and Instrument Detergent

Blu62 Pretreatment Foam and Instrument Detergent aim to take the effort out of washing. As non-enzymatic cleaners, they're less dependent on contact time, water type or temperature - meaning less details or sink changes for you to manage.

Knock out soils with a 1-2 punch

Simply spray the pretreatment foam at the point of care to begin removing stubborn soils. Then clean with Blu62 Instrument Detergent which rinses residue free under running water, without the "elbow grease" of scrubbing and wiping or extra steps for mechanical agitation. Our ease of use is matched by our effectiveness, yielding the consistently repeatable cleaning results achieved by AAMI.

Blu62 rinses 100% residual free for:

decrease in repairs1

decrease in complaints1

decrease in medical device report (MDR) filings1
Jump start your cleaning with Blu62
  • Surfactants begin cleaning and prevent drying at the point of care
  • Enables visual verification of coverage by foam and color
  • Makes cleaning more efficient
  • Helps fulfill recommended pretreatment practices of AAMI and AORN2-3


  • Optimizes cleaning results by preventing redistribution and adhesion of chemical residuals and biofilm particulate in wash sink water
  • Rinses spot and residue free under running water; no need for scrubbing, wiping or mechanical action/agitation


Removes build up, even build up from past detergents used

Revitalizes instruments by removing stubborn soil, biofilm, protein soil and total organic carbon (TOC)

Deodorizes unpleasant soils via lavender-mint fragrance

Effectively cleans complex instruments such as those with crevasses, irregular surface textures and multiple moving parts


Enhances longevity and quality of reprocessed devices; optimizing your investment

Demonstrated to reduce repairs for corrosion of electrical and mechanical components, rough/sticky assemblies and damaged or seized motor bearings

Effective on Stryker and non-Stryker medical instruments

pH neutral for compatibility with a range of metals, plastics and composite materials

Compatibled with Stryker's Instrument Detergent System (IDS) for automated, precision dosing into sink, basin or sonic washer