Power-PRO 2

powered ambulance cot

Introducing the industry’s first connected ambulance cot.


Response inspired

Introducing the industry’s first connected ambulance cot.
How it works

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Power-PRO 2

Nobody knows what works in the field better than you. That’s why we reimagined our proven design to redefine your partner on scene—focusing on what matters most to help you get the job done.

Respond confidently

  • Reach optimal transport height1 with a single button and increase maneuverability using an extended transport handle
  • Navigate through tighter spaces with a new retractable foot section (extends and retracts an extra 7.62 centimeters each)
  • Help decrease body fatigue with enhanced ergonomics during manual loading and unloading

Respond safely

  • Perform a true, unassisted lift and reach optimal loading height using smarter hydraulic assembly with load-sensing capabilities
  • See and be seen in low light environments with powerful lights and reflectors
  • Reduce the chance of cot damage and medic or patient injury with new bumper detection technology2

Respond ready

  • Remotely track your fleet with Smart Equipment Management (SEM) and pinpoint your cot with its last-known location3
  • Improve battery life and management with a new lithium-ion battery and charge indicator
  • Limit cot downtime, reduce unexpected costs and ready your ambulances

Smart Equipment Management

The industry's first connected ambulance cot

Automatically track cot health and remotely manage your fleet through one convenient, interactive dashboard.

Maximize your investment 

  • Extend the life of your equipment by evaluating cot usage and rotating your fleet
  • Identify training opportunities using detailed analytics to help improve patient and medic safety
  • Take the guesswork out of battery replacement by monitoring use over time

​Minimize downtime

  • Keep your fleet ready to respond by identifying which cots need attention
  • Save time and budget by troubleshooting the issue before on-site repair
  • Quickly get your equipment back in the field with direct access to ProCare Services

Manage your fleet

  • Start your shift right with battery status updates and other critical cot insights
  • Pinpoint your fleet in near real-time with last-known location3
  • Streamline reporting and planning requirements with instant access to vital equipment metrics

Be confident. 

Stryker's powered solution is designed to help reduce the risk of injuries when loading and unloading cots.

Injury reductions

When comparing the cot-related injuries in a one-year retrospective data review conducted together with an EMS provider in Denmark, it was shown that the group using a powered system had

fewer injuries than the group using a manual system.4

Staff satisfaction

Stryker conducted a satisfaction survey on Power-LOAD and Power-PRO XT with 295 paramedics:

of the interviewees stated that Power-LOAD and Power-PRO XT have reduced the physical effort required in their day-to-day workflows.5

Key product features

Key product features of Power-PRO 2


Yes! The Power-PRO 2 cot is 8.4 percent lighter than the comparable Power-PRO XT configuration.

Stryker's Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot can support and transport a maximum weight of 700 pounds (318 kilograms).

The Power-PRO 2 has been dynamically crash tested to meet SAE J3027, BS EN 1789 and AS/NZS 4535 (with Power-LOAD or Performance-LOAD fasteners, Stryker's X Restraints and Universal Floorplate). The Power-PRO 2 also meets IEC 60601-1 tip stability guidelines. 

The lithium-ion battery has a two-year expected service life under normal use conditions. The battery charger has a seven-year expected service life under normal use conditions.

Stryker sales representatives deliver hands-on training for Power-PRO 2 purchases. 

The Power-PRO 2 is compatible with Stryker's Power-LOAD powered cot fastener, Performance-LOAD manual cot fastener, mass casualty, wall mount and floor mount fasteners. 

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