System 8

Power tools

A family of power tools built for the whole hospital, designed to deliver more of the long-lasting quality you want.

Innovation that drives performance.


System 8 handpieces have been ergonomically designed for a neutral wrist position and have textured areas for a firmer grip. Weight is optimally distributed for one-handed procedures.


System 8 handpieces’ high-capacity Li-ion cells provide consistent power during long and challenging procedures.*
*Stryker internal testing

Water Resistance

With IPX9 rating, System 8 handpieces are built to be actively washed – allowing you to hold the handpiece under liquid during cleaning, prior to sterilisation.


By tracking the run time and usage data of yourhandpieces and SmartLiFE batteries, SORN canhelp you optimise the management of yourpowertools by providing a monthly healthstatus report on your investment.

Meet the System 8 family

Designed to deliver more of the long-lasting quality you want

Large Bone 

Single and Dual Trigger Rotary Drills
Sagittal Saw
Reciprocating Saw
Precision Saw
EZout Powered Acetabular Revision System
Sternum Saw

Medium Bone

Cordless Driver
SABO Sagittal Saw

(A) Comprehensive

System 8 covers a wide range of surgicalrequirements, with 4 dedicatedsolutions:

  • EZout 
  • Cordless Driver 
  • SABO Sagittal Saw 
  • Precision Saw

(B) Ergonomic

  • Handle angle 78° 
  • Grip for second hand 
  • Textured areas for firmer grip 
  • Thumb rest feature 
  • Less noise and vibration*


(C) Battery shelf-life

Intelligent power management provides up to a 30 day shelf life of the battery after completing a charge.

* All comparisons made are comparisons to previous generations of Stryker Powertools (System 7) Stryker internal testing on file.



Get the most out of your investment



SORN helps facilitate a proactive approach to device maintenance by tracking and reporting usage of your power tools.


SORN technology helps optimize the management of your System 8 Power Tools and helps improve uptime by enabling proactive maintenance.
SORN is available with ProCare Protect.


Charge your power tool

(2) Data is transferred to Stryker

(3) Data is processed by Stryker

(4) Receive your monthly report

System 8 Portfolio 

Meet our System 8 Family of Powertools below.

Single and Dual Trigger Rotary Drill

Pin and Wire Collets

The System 8 collet wedges are coated with thin dense chrome, reducing friction forces internally, and prevents the collet from being unable to disengage with the pin/wire. 

Drill/Ream Switch

Drill/Ream switch is built into the handpiece, reducing inventory and sterilisation tray.

Sagittal Saw

Drive link interface 

The drive link interface was designed for even distribution of the forces and significantly reduces the amount of wear. V-notch hooking system is designed for easier cleaning and better visualisation of the blade being fully seated.*

* In comparison to System 7 


Performance Series Blades

Constant blade thickness improves overall cut accuracy by having optimal fit in the cutting block. Beveled Edges reduce the likelihood of soft-tissue damage as compared to non-beveled blades.**


** In comparison to Dual Cut blades.

Precision Saw

Reduced wear debris2 and potential for tissue damage1 thanks to the stationary cartridge

The oscillating tip saw reduces noise and vibration, enhancing handpiece control for a more precise surgical experience.*

*Stryker internal testing

Allows for precise control

Precision Falcon Cartridges

Our latest evolution of the Stryker Precision Cartridges features an enhanced design and expanded line of Precision Falcon Cartridges for ankle, shoulder, hip and knee arthroplasty.

1 Demonstration of Saw Blade Accuracy and Excursion - A Cadaveric Comparison Study of Blade Types Used in Total Knee Arthroplasty; Robert J. Wetzel MD, Ritesh R. Shah MD, Lalit Puri MD, MBA; The Journal of Arthroplasty 28 (2013) 985-987
2 Reducing Metal Debris Generation During Knee Arthroplasty; S.E. Sydney, BEng; S.A. Pickering, MD, FRCS(Eng), FRCS(Orth); C.G.R. Bell, PhD; R. Crawford, MBBS, FRACS, DPhil(Oxon). Orthopedics. 2007; 30:999

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating Blades

Double sided
Most often used to do the box cut of a PS Knee


The blades can be inserted in two different directions depending on surgeon choice.


Single sided

Most often used to remove the femoral head during a THA

EZout Acetabular Cup Removal

Only available powered acetabular revision system in the market

EZout provides predictable cut paths around implant

Controlled and precise cutting has shown improved results compared to manual cup revision tools1

Hemispherical acetabular cup removal

EZout is intended to cut bone and hard tissue around the bone-to-cup interface. The system incorporates a power tool (handpiece), attachment, plugs, riser rings, sizing equipment, and a variety of blades to aid in the removal of a hemispherical acetabular cup during revision of hip arthroplasty.

EZout vs. Manual Tools1


• Has shown less bone left on the acetabular cup after removal 

• Less stress around the acetabulum during cup removal 

Decreased procedure time 

1 A novel powered acetabular revision system versus manual osteotome: an in vitro comparison; L. Kwong, F. Billi, S. Keller, A. Kavanaugh, A. Luu, J. Ward, C. Salinas, W. Paprosky; Orthopaedic Proceedings Vol. 100-B, No. SUPP_4, Apr 2018

Sternum Saw

Sternum Blades

Sternum blade


Designed for easy blade and blade guard loading.


Sternum Saw Blade Guard

Cordless Driver

Medium Bone

Rotary handpiece for medium bone applications

Trauma | Sports Medicine


POWEReam technology

Capable of delivering 93% more torque than our previous generation.*



* 5 different connections (Large AO, Hudson, ¼” Chuck, Hudson Modified, Trinkle)

SABO saw

Dedicated Micro Saw

A power tool designed for revision sternotomy done after a primary sternotomy, usually after significant scar tissue has formed.


Trauma | Sports Medicine | Revision Sternotomy


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