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Neptune S is a constantly closed waste management system, designed to improve your specimen collection process, while protecting yourself from biohazardous fluid exposure during and after cases.

Key benefits

Constantly closed

Closed waste management system with 8L fluid capacity reduces your exposure to hazardous fluids.


Powerful suction

Powerful and reliable suction, adjustable from 50 to 520mm-Hg, elevates the visibility in poor prep cases.


Specimen collection

Manifold with a collection tray and backup basket offering additional specimen collection security, capturing specimen 2mm or larger. 


Magnetic docking 

Easy manipulation and seamless docking with magnetic connection.


Hands-free cleaning

Automated docking station allows for hands-free cleaning and washing with just a click of a button. 


Zero canisters

Neptune S eliminates the use and disposal of heavy canisters, waste boxes or solidifiers. 

Clear vision

Neptune S features a polyp tray to easily allocate and retrieve specimens, and an illuminated workspace for convenient transfer to formalin jars.

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